Gamut Visualizer

<> Posted on June 2, 2015 in Gamut visualizerTools

One thing that I thought about adding to WheelMasks was a gamut visualizer that could analyze images in the device's photo library. However, I decided not to do it, at least for the time being, to avoid making the app more complex.

I do still think a gamut viewer is a useful tool that lets you see how other artists work with color or just to analyze your own images. There are already a number of gamut visualizers available, but none of the ones I know of have any visual representation of the frequency in which a color is used, so I wrote my own. You can find it below.

If you drag any image file into the box an script will calculate and display its gamut on the color wheel. Everything is done in your browser so the image isn't uploaded anywhere. The difference with other gamut visualizers is that the colors that are less used will be more transparent than the ones that are more frequently used. This allows you to have more information about color usage and helps you determine which zones of the color wheel have been used more in the image.

The colors displayed on the color wheel have only two components from the HSB color model, hue and saturation, and the third component, brightness, is always 100%. This means that any color on the wheel can really appear with different brightness settings in the image.